Mission: Possible

It’s December 1.  In my mind, the first of anything (month, year, whatever) means you get to start over!  Sadly, I tend to take advantage of this fresh start every single month.  I’m hoping to end this vicious cycle in December – a pretty ambitious undertaking in this holiday month.

Step One – The Plank A Day Challenge.  I wholeheartedly plan to continue this challenge that I started participating in on November 27.  A big problem with my body (which is carrying over into my running) is that I have a very weak core.  I am hopeful this will help.

Step Two – 10k training.  I started running in April and participated in five 5k races this year.  My goal for 2012 is to run all 10ks.  I’m starting a training program that will help me gradually increase my mileage until I am capable of running 6.2 miles.  Undertaking a running program in December in Michigan is probably not the the best plan, but it is possible to run outside most of the winter, plus I do have a gym membership which gives me access to a treadmill.  I HATE going to the gym (I bought a lifetime membership to a gym when I was 18 and I almost never go) but I’m going to need to push myself to take advantage of it this winter.  Maybe the planets will align and we’ll be able to purchase a treadmill this winter.  What?  It could happen.

Step Three – Eat better!  Food is my downfall.  What can I say, I’m a Polish girl who was raised to love food.  I was never that girl who ordered a garden salad on a date.  I’ve tried every diet in the book, dabbled with being a vegetarian, cut out sugar – they all failed.  Withholding food will not work for me.  The key is going to be portion control and moderation.  That is what I will be focusing on this month.  I also want to be more diligent about limiting (or avoiding) alcohol during the week.  I need to get out of the habit of coming home from work and cracking open a beer or pouring a glass of wine while I’m cooking dinner.

That’s it.  Simple enough, right?  Tonight I’m supposed to run two miles.  But I woke up with a head cold this morning.  And I have a hair appointment tonight.  Doomed to fail right from the start…

Do you like to make a “fresh start” on the first of the month?  What kinds of goals do you set?


4 thoughts on “Mission: Possible

  1. Go for it Lori! I posted your link on the PlankADay FB page, we are cheering you on!!

  2. You’ve inspired me to hop on board with the plank a day. I used to OWN planks this summer. I stopped when I hurt my wrist and never started back up. This ismjustbthe encouragement I needed! Thanks!

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