Vaporizing Action

Remember this episode of Friends?

That’s kind of what I sound like.  A cross between that and the episode where Monica is sick and can’t say the word “fine.”  “I’m fine-d.  I’m fine-d.  It’s a hard word to say.”

I woke up yesterday morning feeling like I’d been hit by a bus and it didn’t get better.  I left work a little early, went home and ran two miles.  Seriously, who am I??  Who runs when their sick?  Apparently, this girl does.  I ran two miles in 21 minutes in the cold and wind, but at least the sun was out.  Then I hit the floor to get my plank on: one plank for 1:30!  I made dinner for my husband and daughter (smothered pork chops and cheesy potatoes – total health food, right?) but it just did not appeal to me at all.  I ended up having a bowl of Cinnamon Oat Squares before my daughter and I had to head out to get our hair done.  That was the last thing in the world that I wanted to do but we made the appointment six weeks ago and I hate last minute cancellations, plus my daughter was looking forward to getting her hair cut so off we went.  We came home to discover our power was out.  I honestly didn’t care since all I wanted to do was go to sleep!  I slugged down some NyQuil, climbed into bed and cried when my husband woke me up for work this morning.

We have absolutely nothing going on this weekend so my plan is to become very acquainted with my couch, sleep a lot, take a lot of drugs and do a lot of nothing.  Oh, and you can bet there will be some vaporizing action going on, as well.  My training plan calls for today to be a rest day (thank God) but tomorrow is supposed to be my long run (long for me is only about three miles).  I guess we will just have to wait and see about that.

Have you been hit with a winter cold yet?  What are your remedies to get better quick?

Runners, do you run when you’re sick?

Any plans this weekend?


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