Secret Santa

Not a whole lot to report since Monday.  I’ve run exactly once, on Tuesday, two miles in 22 minutes.  I was supposed to cross train Wednesday and run yesterday.  Didn’t happen.  Today is a “rest” day and I absolutely have to get my butt out the door and run tomorrow and Sunday.  I have been keeping up with #PlankADay, though!

Day 1 – 1:00

Day 2- 1:00

Day 3 – 1:15

Day 4 – 1:00

Day 5 – 1:15

I guess that’s better than nothing!  I’m feeling better…my voice is back and my chest congestion seems to be clearing up.  I’m also done with school for the semester (yay!) so hopefully having some more free time and being able to breathe will motivate me to get back on track with my exercise.

I am participating in two Secret Santa swaps this year!  I’ve never done one before so I’m both excited to see what I get and nervous about whether my recipient will like their gift or not.  The first swap is being hosted by Sarah at BlogStar.  I am sending my swap partner these beautiful earrings made by my friend, Marianna, at Star Girl Jewelry:


Aren’t they gorgeous?  I’ve been drooling over them for a while now, but now that I’ve said publicly that my swap partner is getting them, I guess I have to let them go!

My other swap is hosted by dailymile.  My swap partner over there will be getting this:


It’s a 2012 calendar from Run Pretty Far – 12 months of joy, beauty, and athletic inspiration.  I ordered it before the swap partners were announced and I was very relieved that my partner is a girl!  I don’t think a guy would enjoy this calendar as much!

We have two Christmas parties this weekend: Saturday night at a friend’s house and Sunday is our family Christmas party.  Add in a soccer game on Saturday and we’ve got a very busy weekend.

Have you ever participated in a Secret Santa Swap before?  Did you like what you got?  Did your partner like their gift?

Have you been keeping up with your exercise?  Do you have a hard time with it during the holidays?

What’s on your agenda this weekend?


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