Running Behind

That’s about the only running I’ve been doing.  I’ve learned the hard way that I am not a winter runner (I haven’t run – or done anything else – since December 6) and I am going to have to figure out a way to motivate my butt to get to the gym.  It doesn’t help that I’m pretty sure I got food poisoning from a Christmas party last Saturday and I’m just now getting over it and the chest cold I’ve been fighting for weeks is still hanging around.


I started my Christmas shopping on November 1 and was determined to be done by Thanksgiving.  Well, here we are on December 16 and I am not even close to being done.  I haven’t even bought my Christmas cards yet, let alone addressed them and sent them out and we haven’t gotten our tree yet, either.  I’m hoping to knock all of this out tomorrow, but my company Christmas party is tonight and more than likely I will feel lousy tomorrow.  At least both of my Secret Santa gifts have been mailed…

So, now I’m in panic mode.  Can I get it all done?  Is there enough time?  Should I just forget about the cards this year?  What about my Christmas baking?  And the menu for Christmas Eve dinner?

I have nine days.  Nine days.  It’s crunch time, people!  Time to get things done around here.

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?  Or do you usually wait until the last minute?

How is your running/exercising going? Are you still running outside?


One thought on “Running Behind

  1. Susan says:

    You know, my shopping is done. My last things will arrive UPS on Monday. Yea! But I feel the crunch, too…… I need to bake and I love to bake and would love a full day baking….. but it won’t happen. Boo. I’m trying not to sweat it though. As for the card….. so a New Years one and give yourself more time with it.

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