Catching Up

Official diagnosis: bronchitis.  Nothing a Z Pack and some Robitussin with codeine won’t cure.  I’m already feeling better and ready for Christmas to just get here already!

No, I’m not done with my Christmas shopping.  I need one more gift for mom and a gift or two more for dad and then I’ll be done.  I decided to scrap Christmas cards this year.  I don’t feel too badly about it, since it seems I’m not the only one who let them go (we’ve only received about 10 or so this year and we usually get about 50).  I haven’t done any baking, either, but I’m going to rectify that starting tonight.  I’m definitely behind schedule but I’m confident it will all get done.

Don’t ask me about exercise, because I haven’t done any.  No running, no planks, no nothing.  I’m taking the pressure off of myself for the rest of the year.  Looking forward to hitting the ground running (literally) on January 1.

I received my BlogStar Secret Santa gift this week!  Jen sent me these gorgeous earrings that my friend, Marianna, made!


Still waiting on my dailymile Secret Santa gift…

I got an A in my Nutrition class!  Nice to end my short lived academic career on a high note.

My daughter was asked to play on another soccer team this winter.  Guess it’s a good thing I’m not going to school next semester…

Are you ready for Christmas?

Do you bake?  What are your favorite recipes?

Did you send out cards this year?  Did you notice that you received less than usual?


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