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In case you were wondering, I’m still sick.  My chest is congested and I’m coughing like my 80 year old grandmother that smoked 3 packs a day.  It’s very attractive.  I’ve taken every cold/cough/decongestant medicine on the market and nothing’s working.  I have a feeling a trip to the doctor is in order.

I accomplished nothing in the way of Christmas shopping this weekend.  The aforementioned hacking left me with the ambition of a slug.  I still need another gift for my mom and I’ve yet to buy my dad anything.  I’ve decided to just forget about Christmas cards this year.  Hopefully, everyone will understand.  Our tree isn’t up, either.  My husband and daughter bought the tree on Saturday, but we discovered we have a crack in our tree stand and we’ve been to three stores and everyone is completely sold out of them.  So, our poor tree is currently lying in our backyard.  That was $40 well spent.

Lying on the couch all weekend did help me to accomplish at least one thing: I’ve decided not to pursue a degree in Dietetics.  Basically, I’ve come to the conclusion that my time could be better spent with my husband and daughter, as well as working on my health and fitness, rather than sitting in a classroom for 10+ hours a week.  Not to mention all of the stress of studying and doing homework coupled with the debt I would be adding to.  So, instead of going to school three days a week starting in January, I’ve decided to go to the gym three days a week.  Now, I just have to find a gym that I like.  I have a lifetime membership to FitnessUSA but I absolutely hate it there.  The idea of paying for another membership makes me nauseous but the one I have does me no good if I’m not going to use it.  I just received a free 7 day pass to Anytime Fitness and I’m going to give them a try this week.  There’s one right by my house which makes it convenient, plus it’s open 24 hours so I can go any time I want to.

Anyone belong to Anytime Fitness?  Do you like it?  If you belong to another gym, which one?

Have you made any “life changing” decisions lately?

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