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Catching Up

Official diagnosis: bronchitis.  Nothing a Z Pack and some Robitussin with codeine won’t cure.  I’m already feeling better and ready for Christmas to just get here already!

No, I’m not done with my Christmas shopping.  I need one more gift for mom and a gift or two more for dad and then I’ll be done.  I decided to scrap Christmas cards this year.  I don’t feel too badly about it, since it seems I’m not the only one who let them go (we’ve only received about 10 or so this year and we usually get about 50).  I haven’t done any baking, either, but I’m going to rectify that starting tonight.  I’m definitely behind schedule but I’m confident it will all get done.

Don’t ask me about exercise, because I haven’t done any.  No running, no planks, no nothing.  I’m taking the pressure off of myself for the rest of the year.  Looking forward to hitting the ground running (literally) on January 1.

I received my BlogStar Secret Santa gift this week!  Jen sent me these gorgeous earrings that my friend, Marianna, made!


Still waiting on my dailymile Secret Santa gift…

I got an A in my Nutrition class!  Nice to end my short lived academic career on a high note.

My daughter was asked to play on another soccer team this winter.  Guess it’s a good thing I’m not going to school next semester…

Are you ready for Christmas?

Do you bake?  What are your favorite recipes?

Did you send out cards this year?  Did you notice that you received less than usual?



In case you were wondering, I’m still sick.  My chest is congested and I’m coughing like my 80 year old grandmother that smoked 3 packs a day.  It’s very attractive.  I’ve taken every cold/cough/decongestant medicine on the market and nothing’s working.  I have a feeling a trip to the doctor is in order.

I accomplished nothing in the way of Christmas shopping this weekend.  The aforementioned hacking left me with the ambition of a slug.  I still need another gift for my mom and I’ve yet to buy my dad anything.  I’ve decided to just forget about Christmas cards this year.  Hopefully, everyone will understand.  Our tree isn’t up, either.  My husband and daughter bought the tree on Saturday, but we discovered we have a crack in our tree stand and we’ve been to three stores and everyone is completely sold out of them.  So, our poor tree is currently lying in our backyard.  That was $40 well spent.

Lying on the couch all weekend did help me to accomplish at least one thing: I’ve decided not to pursue a degree in Dietetics.  Basically, I’ve come to the conclusion that my time could be better spent with my husband and daughter, as well as working on my health and fitness, rather than sitting in a classroom for 10+ hours a week.  Not to mention all of the stress of studying and doing homework coupled with the debt I would be adding to.  So, instead of going to school three days a week starting in January, I’ve decided to go to the gym three days a week.  Now, I just have to find a gym that I like.  I have a lifetime membership to FitnessUSA but I absolutely hate it there.  The idea of paying for another membership makes me nauseous but the one I have does me no good if I’m not going to use it.  I just received a free 7 day pass to Anytime Fitness and I’m going to give them a try this week.  There’s one right by my house which makes it convenient, plus it’s open 24 hours so I can go any time I want to.

Anyone belong to Anytime Fitness?  Do you like it?  If you belong to another gym, which one?

Have you made any “life changing” decisions lately?

Secret Santa

Not a whole lot to report since Monday.  I’ve run exactly once, on Tuesday, two miles in 22 minutes.  I was supposed to cross train Wednesday and run yesterday.  Didn’t happen.  Today is a “rest” day and I absolutely have to get my butt out the door and run tomorrow and Sunday.  I have been keeping up with #PlankADay, though!

Day 1 – 1:00

Day 2- 1:00

Day 3 – 1:15

Day 4 – 1:00

Day 5 – 1:15

I guess that’s better than nothing!  I’m feeling better…my voice is back and my chest congestion seems to be clearing up.  I’m also done with school for the semester (yay!) so hopefully having some more free time and being able to breathe will motivate me to get back on track with my exercise.

I am participating in two Secret Santa swaps this year!  I’ve never done one before so I’m both excited to see what I get and nervous about whether my recipient will like their gift or not.  The first swap is being hosted by Sarah at BlogStar.  I am sending my swap partner these beautiful earrings made by my friend, Marianna, at Star Girl Jewelry:


Aren’t they gorgeous?  I’ve been drooling over them for a while now, but now that I’ve said publicly that my swap partner is getting them, I guess I have to let them go!

My other swap is hosted by dailymile.  My swap partner over there will be getting this:


It’s a 2012 calendar from Run Pretty Far – 12 months of joy, beauty, and athletic inspiration.  I ordered it before the swap partners were announced and I was very relieved that my partner is a girl!  I don’t think a guy would enjoy this calendar as much!

We have two Christmas parties this weekend: Saturday night at a friend’s house and Sunday is our family Christmas party.  Add in a soccer game on Saturday and we’ve got a very busy weekend.

Have you ever participated in a Secret Santa Swap before?  Did you like what you got?  Did your partner like their gift?

Have you been keeping up with your exercise?  Do you have a hard time with it during the holidays?

What’s on your agenda this weekend?

Building an Ark

Apparently, it’s monsoon season here in Michigan.  It has rained non-stop since Sunday and this morning Mother Nature threw in a little snow to go with it.  Streets, lawns, backyards, basements – all flooded.  I had to take an alternate route to school this morning because the freeway I normally take was shut down due to flooding. 

Flooded Southfield Fwy 11-30-11(source)

Thank God we got our roof leak taken care of last week and we’ve had no problems during the current downpour.

Yesterday started off decent enough.  Breakfast was a smoothie of frozen banana, frozen mixed berries, coconut milk, vanilla soy protein powder, Chia seeds and plain Greek yogurt along with a tumbler of Tazo Awake tea.  Lunch was leftover cheese tortellini with marinara, spinach and pesto.  When I got home from work, I wasn’t really hungry and I had no ambition to cook anything.  Thanks to the aforementioned rain and flooding my evening run was out (I really need a treadmill), so I hit the floor to do some stretching and get my plank in for the Plank A Day challenge.


Then, I poured a glass of wine and laid down on the couch – big mistake.  I had no desire to do anything after that.  I did manage to make my daughter a cheese quesadilla before she went to soccer practice and my husband and I enjoyed a ghetto fabulous dinner of nachos (tortilla chips and melted cheese) with a side of avocado (for me – he won’t touch the stuff).  That in itself isn’t horrible, but the five mini Reese’s cups that I inhaled shortly before bed pretty much undid my day.  I blame PMS.

I slept pretty good until 3:45am when I woke up to go to the bathroom.  After that, I could not fall back to sleep.  The alarm went off at 5:30am and it took everything I had to climb out of my warm, cozy bed.  I did manage to get up and headed off to school.  Only one more class this semester!

Runners, do you run on a treadmill in the winter?  Or do you continue to run outside in the cold and snow?  Do you own a treadmill or do you go to a gym?

Any fellow students out there?  How is your semester going?  What are you studying?

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